Once in a Dream

by Gypsy Star

Released 2011
Released 2011
The band's 2nd album brings more of their exciting fusion of sounds from around the world. American pop, jazz and rock meets Spanish/Flamenco, Latin, Celtic, Middle-eastern, Brazilian and more. Alluring and enchanting vocal and instrumental songs.
GYPSY STAR is a self-proclaimed ÔÇťAmerican Gypsy Band" with an international sound.

The band came together around the compositions of guitarist, Billy Keen, who after playing many years in rock, R & B and popular music bands started writing his own music. Throughout his musical career he was always fascinated with many different kinds of sounds and styles from around the world. He was particularly inspired by the guitar oriented Rumba Flamenco music as well as the ancient sounds of Celtic music and the exotic flavors of the Middle East and beyond. This led to writing original songs fusing these varied influences into a new sound and then the eventual formation of Gypsy Star.

Their live show features enticing and lush vocal and instrumental songs. Spanish style guitar and exotic woodwinds played on the rhythmic foundation of hand drums such as djembes, congas, bohdran, bongos and darbuka along with castanets and percussive footwork make up the mystical and alluring music of Gypsy Star.

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