The Tale of the Mistletoe

Music ~ Billy Keen
Words ~ Belinda Brodsky

The story begins at first fall of snow on a winter solstice ~ forever ago.
Of a son's fateful dream and his dear mother's love ` in this tale of the mistletoe.
Oh they say she roamed the land seeking the vows of water, fire and air ~ plants & beasts everywhere.
To commit no harm and to spare her child but her pleas they were all in vain ~ aaah.
Her pleas they were all in vain.

For unknown to her lived a jealous soul with a vengeful mind and a heart of coal.
He uncovered a vine that she’d overlooked ~ the poisonous mistletoe.
With the vine and arrow he fashioned a game ~ Fooled a sightless man to slowly take aim.
Her heart cried out as her boy was struck down and for three days the skies filled with rain ~ aaah.
For three days the skies filled with rain.

The elements joined forces, the beasts raised their voices as each mother’s kiss was bestowed.
And so it was said that each tear that she shed formed white berries on the mistletoe.

To her wonder and cheer as each berry appeared so her son grew more steady and mighty and strong.
Her kisses reversed ~ the mistletoe’s curse ~ ‘twas a token of love from there on.
On the eve of the Yuletide a decree was so issued to celebrate her gratitude, good fortune and bliss.
That whoever may pass ‘neath the bough of the mistletoe ~ share in a sweet precious kiss ~ aaah.
Share in a sweet precious kiss.

This symbol of love to this day does instill a promise of peace and a truce of goodwill.
So share with your loved ones a grateful kiss ~ and this tale of the mistletoe.
And this tale of the mistletoe.