Gypsy Star is a dynamic multi-genre band with a world beat.

The mystique behind Gypsy Star’s music lies at the creative hand of guitarist and composer Billy Keen who merges his own musical roots in American rock, folk and blues with a more global influence tapping into Spanish, Celtic, Latin, Mediterranean and Caribbean flavors.  Long time band mate, vocalist Belinda Brodsky, breathes poetry into Keen’s tunes with lyrics that capture the essence of ancient tales, the insight of modern storytelling and the charm of timeless, heartfelt sentiments. Together they weave a colorful, melodic tapestry of enchanting, uplifting songs. 

Gypsy Star has recorded and released 3 albums… the self-titled debut album Gypsy Star in 2007; Once In A Dream in 2012; Under The Moonlit Night in 2017 and a holiday single… The Tale Of The Mistletoe in 2015.  

Along with Billy on classical flamenco guitar and Belinda on vocals, keyboards and an array of hand percussion, Gypsy Star’s live performances often feature a tight rhythm section of bass and drums. Additional instrumentation can include violin, accordion, cello or woodwinds  while spirited folkloric dance complements the band’s music through the art of movement. 

Gypsy Star has performed live on radio and television and in concert throughout Florida and the Eastern United States.